Happy Mod – A Android App Store to Get All Modified Apps & Games for Free

If you like to use modified apps or play modified games, I have good news for you. There is a new app store in the town i.e, Happy Mod that provides only mod versions of the apps and games. What I really like about this app is that it is has a huge library and you can find the modded version of just about any app or game you want. It is professionally designed and very easy to use too.

You can find some modded applications for Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and for many other apps on Happy Mod app (These modified application lift the limits of official applications.). Free versions for premium apps like Spotify, Deezer etc are also available. You can also get ad free versions of free application on this app store. Here are some features of HappyMod app.

Happy Mod Features

  1. This app gives you modded (modified) version of the regular apps and games. The modified versions have more features and functions.
  2. All the modded apps on this app store are free. This app is free to download and install.
  3. It has a huge library of apps and games. You will find many popular apps and games too in their modified version.
  4. Many apps and games have multiple modified versions, offering you several choices.

You can’t find HappyMod application on Google Play Store as it is not listed there. To get this app, First we need to download Happy Mod APK file and manually side load it on any Android devices.

Here is how we can do this.

Happy Mod APK Download:

Tap the download link given below to download HappyMod.apk latest version on to your Android devices. This link will always up to date with latest version. If you want to update the app or to install latest version, visit the download link given below.

Now that we have APK file. Follow the instructions given below to install it on your Android devices.

Install Happy Mod APK on Android:

The first thing you want to do is install the Happy Mod app on Android. Follow the quick and easy steps below:

  • Go to Android Settings > Security and switch the Unknown Sources option ON.
  • Open file explorer on your Android device and find Happy Mod APK file.
  • Tap on the file to start installation.
  • Give all permissions to installer to install the app.
  • Once you finish the process, you will get confirmation notification.
  • Now go to app menu and open the app.

You can follow the simple instructions given below to use the application effectively to get modified apps and games for free.

How to Use Happy Mod App:

When you run the app, what you notice is that it has a nice, organized layout that looks intuitive.

By default, the GAME tab is selected, where you see the recommended games. You may click the APP tab to see the list of the recommended apps. There is the NEW tab that shows the newly included apps and games to HappyMod Android app.

As you can see, there is a search option on the top that lets you look up for any app or game you wish to install.

Click a modded app or game to learn more about it. Upon clicking a mod you will see many variants of it. For instance, if you click a game you will find various mods for it offering different goodies, such as coins or unlimited health.

When you click the hamburger menu on the top left (3 horizontal lines next to the search option), you will see a bunch of options on Happy Mod app.

Click Management to open the Download manager. Here, you can see the items that are being currently downloaded and the once you have already downloaded.

HappyMod app also allow us to change some setting regarding downloads. To change some settings, click Settings option. There is an option for Mobile Network Alert and Automatic Download. There is an option to Clear Cache as well, which could be handy if you are experiencing issues with the app.

Wrap Up

Happy Mod store is a great app store to get modded apps and games for free. If you have any issue with the app, Feel free to comment below. We love to help you.

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